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  Have you ever thought, "the one thing I would like to do is wake up every morning having
slept well." That skill is like gold, to be bottled like a good wine.

Have you ever thought "how can that baby sleep so well at the supermarket, at the football or during parties?". The secret is, as far as we know, that a baby doesn't think, and with thinking, comes anxiety and depression and all sorts of other things that disturb our ability to fall asleep and to stay asleep.

After years of studying babies sleeping, I began to understand why they were such good sleepers and I copied them. To my amazement I learned to sleep under most conditions in almost every situation! Other people's noise no longer disturbed me. As a result I began to teach other people the skill, friends, family members and my patients.

The unique feature of the method I have developed, is that the person is totally in control.
The bonus is that it is suitable for most people and children over the age of 8. Children take to
it, like ducks to water. And you will too!