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  The program to date is only used face to face with the therapist, but could be developed to be learned over the telephone, and certainly reinforced through that medium.

Everyone who decides to try the technique needs to be thoroughly assessed during te first session. Drug history, sleep history and a physical health are checked often in collaboration with the doctor. People who take illicit drugs are not suitable for the program until they are drug free.

The method may be introduced in the first session. It involves a grounding technique which is the first step towards achieving an infant state of mind and peaceful sleep. Next, a carefully constructed mantra is introduced to complete the sense of peace. Some imagery may also be used depending on the persons preference. To learn the technique efficiently 4 to 6 sessions are required (and occasionally more). I am a Registered Psychologist with Post Graduate Diploma in Adolescent and Child Psychology from Melbourne University. I completed my Post Graduate research on infant observation watching mothers with their babies.

Given that I use a special technique, which is so easily learned by most people irrespective of their culture, age or gender I am confident of its safety and effectiveness. I simply love it!